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d. Wienerau was a very typical expressive noble dog. Qunato had a very good head and forehead. He was used well for type and uniformity. Quanto had good front angulation, harmonious structure, correct size and strength. The following are the significant families of Quanto.

By far the largest of these is through the 1984 and 1985 double Sieger VA 1 Uran v. Wildsteiger Land (Irk v. Arminius X Palme v. Wildsteiger Land). Uran produced several sons of high quality, among these are 1988 Sieger VA 1 Eiko v. Kirschental (out of VA Xitta v. Kirshental). Reserve Sieger (Italy) vopo v. Kirschental (also out of Xitta), VA Yambo v. Wildsteiger Land and his brother Yasso and Harko v. Batu. Uran also produced the 1989 Siegerin. Eiko had a very large progeny group at the 1990 Siegerschau, uran has consistently had very large progeny groups and the Siegerschaus.

The second largest of these is through VA Lasso di Val Sole, Quanto X Sara v. Sonnenber SHSB. Lasso was the father’s type and sired an excellent son,. Xavier. In addition to the 1986 and 1987 Sieger, Quanto v. Arminius, Xavier, also VA Kanto v. Arminuis out of VA Roulette v. d. Wienerau. Quanto produced the 1989 Sieger, Iso v. Bermannshof, 1990 USA Sieger. Illo v. Bergmannshof and the 1988 Siegerin. Quanto comes from a litter of all KKL 1 and V confirmation rating. His best producing sons are VA Odin v. Tannanmiese and Enzo v. Bergaliso.

The third major family is through VA 1 Dick v. Adeloga through Gundo v. Trienzbachtal, Gundo produced te 1989 Siegerin Inka v. Eichwaldhute as well as numerous VA dogs. Canto v. d. Wienerau was a medium sized and medium strength dog, with good proportions, superb anatomy of the croup and forehand. Je produce 17 offspring that surveyed KKL 10 Genetically, Canto improved upon the general anatomy. The Canto Wienerau lines split into four groups.

The largest is by way of Lasso v. Wiederbrucher Land through Fedor v. Arminius. Fedor is currently the leading sire in the Canto Wienerau lines. He produces excellent structute, as long as bitch does not have a roached back. He produced an exceptional female, VA Karina v. Winnioh at the 1990 Siegerschau. Fedor’s best producing offspring is Mark v. haus Beck.

The second largest is through the 1983 Sieger, Dingo v. haus Gero. Dingo was an exciting mover and passed this trait to his offspring, mostly through his son VA Natz v. Arminius. Dingo’s offspring are spectacular at the extended trot.

The third line is by way of VA Argus v. Klammle, through Argus v. Aducht. Argus Aduchi was an excellent dog, but he rarely produced anything of equal or greater to himself. Ablan vom Klammmie is also found in many Pedigrees, through he did not produce as well as his litter mate, Argus. Line breeding (4-4) Argus is found in the better bred dogs.

The fourth line comes by way of the 1989 Sieger, Kanto v. Arminius. The most important off spring was Sonny v. Badeer Land who sired the Siegerin Tina vom Groben Sand and V-1 Tell v. Groben Sand. Tell sired the 1990 and 1991 double Sieger Fanto von Hirschel. Fanto is currently being used on Quanto and Uran daughters and those related to Reza Haus Beck.

Mutz. v. Der Peltzierfarm was a medium to large dog that produced very well. His strong points were correct body proportions, pronounced wiether and a strong back. His progeny’s were spirited movers, tough and resillent. His limitations were in the croup, upper arm and cleanness of front. Other significant producers of this line are VA Putz v. Arjakjo and Cello v. d. Romerau. Cello is a top producer of this line. He sired to VA females at the 1990 Siegerschau. Cello is out of Quana v. Arminius litter mate of Quanto and his provides another cross to Palme v. Wildsteiger Land. Palme will go down in German shepherd history as one of the most influential females. Because she is a large bitch, intense (2-3) on Palme can produce oversize. It’s recommended that line breeding not be any closer than 3-3.

A fourth line that appears in many pedigrees us throughis through the sieger marco V. celler Land. Marco was an excellent dog and produced many good sons that were dominant on producing good hips. On the down side, Marco’s sons produced a divergence of type. Marco also carried the black recessive gene. Most black GSD’s trace lineage through Marco.

Themid 80’s saw emergence of 2 half brothers viz., quando von Arminius and uran vo wildsteigerland, both the brothers dominated the german show arena through their off- springs. Uran produced top quality females whereas quando represented through masculine males. At the same time sires like mark vom haus beck, cello von der romerau and fando sudblick changed the quality and the in germany.

Odin von tannemeise a very glamorous, anatomically correct son of quando von arminius became part of the illustrious history of the german shepherds by producing 2 siegers & 1 siegerin and many top rated dog & bitches, viz., jeck von norricum, zamb vo der wienerau. These 2 dogs are the anchor of present german shephered bloodline in the world.

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